Children's University, Gujarat
Research, Education, training and Extension Services
Research in the following areas:
a. Parental education of parents
b. Parental care of the mother
c. Issues relating to the birth of child
d. Paediatrics (Medical and Therapeutic)
e. Issues relating to early Childhood (Nutrition, Physical Health, Development of senses etc.)
f. Issues relating to early stages of growth : Physical, Psychological, Spiritual
g. Research in education of the infant (Toddler's Schooling)
h. Research in Kindergartem education
i. Research in primary Education : Formal, Non Formal, Informal
j. Research in new curriculum (Primary and elementary level)
a. Simple handling of materials object
b. Simple Crafts
c. Introduction to agriculture, floriculture, horticulture
d. Introduction to multilingual skills
e. Introduction to mental calculation
f. Value oriented education
g. Skill oriented education
h. Dignity of Labour: Synthesis of Head, Hand and Heart;
i. Participation in Programmes of :
Music, Drama, Dance, Recitation and Eloquence;
Scientific Experiments (Including Demonstrations)
Explorations leading to :
a) Discoveries; b) Inventions;
Yoga (Physical and Psychological);
Love of Mother India;
Love of Mother Earth;
Science of Living (Search for the highest aim of life);
Science and Art of Learning;
Different aspects of Physical Education.
k. Research in new curricilum (Secondary education):
a. A New General Knowledge Course;
b. Optional courses at Three Levels:
i. Ordinary Level;
ii. Advanced Level;
iii. Specialised Level;
l. Higher level of Scientific Realism with Aesthetic Creativity;
m. Higher level of Value-Oriented Education (Special Study of the essentials of the Bharatiya system of values);
n. Higher levels of physical education and participation in NCC/NSS/Scout and Guide Activities
j. A new system of testing & evaluation leading to emphasis on :
a. Physical Fitness
b. Intellectual capacities of understanding, communication, eloquence and methods of analysis and synthesis
c. Characted Development
d. Integration and Balanced Personality
e. Employability and usefulness to society and community work
f. Commitment to Mother India and Welfare of Humankind
g. Participation in programmes of appreciation of art, music and poetry, dance and dramatics;
h. Participation and development through hobbies and skill oriented Activities
i. Readiness to pursue higher studies
Research leading to :
1. New teaching learning materials
2. Computer aided programmes for self learning, auto-correction and learning to do;
3. Publication of research papers and books
For more details please see :
- Appendix I : Councils of research
- Appendix II : Departments of research, instruction and communication
- Appendix III : Modes of research