VidyaVan is a mobile school initiated and run by the Children’s University in order to impart the education on versatile subjects to the students of rural areas who could not afford it. It has been actively working since Dec 2013. As a part of Extension services, the team of VidyaVan has formed a novel tradition of connecting the divide lying between the higher education and primary section since the current educational system does not provide any room to bridge the different parts and layers from primary to university levels.

The team of VidyaVan includes the Vice Chancellor as its prime chair, the project co-coordinator appointed by the chair who is required to be an assistant professor and two co-project co-coordinators who are teachers working at the grass-root level. Currently, Mr. Dharmanshu Vaidya, an assistant professor of Research Centre is delegated the charge of coordinator to expand this ambitious project. The range of subjects being taught by the VidyaVan encompasses Science, Math, Indian Culture, English, Sanskrit, and History apart from Ecological consciousness. Alongside, an extensive use of technological devices and gadgets are employed by the teachers to instrcut the students on different subjects. Moreover, these subjects do not focus on the curriculum of students but, instead, they include some of the basic informative stuff of these subjects based on the requirement of today’s education.
Apart from that, different teachers and assistant professors also play important part in this project by providing valuable guidance and educational aid at different levels. The significance of this project lies in the fact that it challenges the age-old pyramidal structure of education and submerges different layers of education and governs them together with proper and effective manner. Till the date, there are more than three thousand children who have got the benefits of VidyaVan. By the end of 2020, the team VidyaVan is adamant to reach out more than ten thousand students of rural area belonging to moderate economic background and will work to provide them quality education.