Dept of Accreditation


Department of Accreditation comes under School of Accreditation and Quality Enhancement. It is one of the most important school of Children’s University, Gandhinagar.

The main focus of this department is to enable the school and higher education teachers to learn the process of assessment of the institution so that they can participate in Institutional accreditation process and contribute in quality enhancement of the respective institution. In order to do so, school of accreditation has developed three certificate courses.

These courses are:

  • Excellence in Higher Education
  • Excellence in School Education
  • Research Methodology in Social Science

‘Excellence in Higher Education’ and ‘Excellence in School Education’ courses intend:

  • To develop internal mechanism of the institution for continuous quality enhancement
  • To increase credibility and confidence among stakeholders
  • To identify the gaps and bridge them whenever and wherever required
  • To enter into MOU with local and global institutions
  • To take affiliation or certification, grant etc. from various channels
  • To remain competitive with local and global institutions

‘Research Methodology in Social Science’ course will be helpful to students:

  • To qualify NET/SLET exam & Ph.D. M.Phil. Entrance and coursework exams
  • To acquaint with research report writing ability
  • To enhance employability in PG department of higher education institutions
  • To become freelance researcher
  • To broaden the outlook towards the problems of society.

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