Members of Finance Committee

Members of Finance Committee
Sr. No.Name of the Member Provision of the CU ActDesignation
1. Vice Chancellor, CU Sec.26 (1) (i) the Vice Chancellor, ex-officio Chairperson Chairperson
2. Director General, CU Sec.26 (1) (ii) ex-officio Member
3. Registrar, CU Sec.26 (1) (iii) ex-officio Member
4. Finance and Accounts Officer Sec.26 (1) (iv) ex-officio Member Secretary
5. Dr. Sanjay Patel (Dungrani), Homeopathic Doctor, Member Sec.26 (1) (v) Nominated by the Executive Council Member
6. Shri Ashok M. Agrawal, Member Sec.26 (1) (vi) Nominated by State Government Member